The Order of The Blood Dragons Temple

Freedom of Belief

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The Order of The Blood Dragon

Welcome To The Blood Dragons Temple


The Blood Dragons Temple is a Society / Temple For Real Vampyres And Otherkin.
The Highpriests and The Highpriestesses are  Vampyres And Dragons.
The Temple honor the old ways, reincarnation,
magick and witchcraft,besides Wicca etc.
The Temple stands for freedom of belief,
however this isnt the place for very devoted 
Christians,Jews Or Moslems,
as We Pratice Magick and other they would refer to bein Satanistic.
Thats their misunderstanding of Our Way and Our Beliefs.
We cant accept the label Satanists by them.
We dont believe in their Gods at all.
The Terms for bein accepted into the Temple is ;
That you are  Vampyre or Otherkin.
That You are serious.
(This is a real Vampyre / Otherkin Temple / Society 
not a RPG or gamers or lifestylers Temple-society
nor can nor will We turn wannabe's Vampyres.)
That We are a Secret Society and thats the way it stays !
We refer to that We live in the Darkness ,for protection,
neutrality and to be anonymous .
Anonymity is a keyword in The Temple for those members who may wish so. 
And all members must respect those who wish to be anonymous.
The Temple isnt a social dating or friendship service
unless the individual member wish to socialize.
Some Vampyres do have a hard time to be accepted in the society 
for their need to feed and other issues,
as well as some Otherkin do. 
Basically The Temple is based on freedom of belief,
but as mentioned above then the Order it self  follow certain belief systems.
Nothing particular is expected from You to believe,
You got freedom of choice within the Temple.
Code of Conduct is however an open mind and respect for others in the Temple.
The Temple rules are those of all The Blood Dragons sites.
found at the Castles FAQ. and Rules.
This Temple is as good as its members make it...
We encourage everyone to take part of it and share.
This is Our Haven,Santuary,Realm,Lair and Our Circle.
Welcome To The Blood Dragons Temple.
If You Wish To Be Inducted feel free to use the contact form here or at the Castle.
Do leave a brief description of who you are and how to be contacted
and why you want to join the Temple.

Blessed Be.

Embrace The Darkness for it will Embrace You and love You back always.





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