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Freedom of Belief

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House of silence was created in the Oasis of Peace in  Palestine by jews and moslems ,its a village and a dream of peace between ppl,the idea is wonderful and so is the idea of House of silence...for all to meditate and pray...
I am not encouraging anyone  to become jewish ,moslem,christian ,with all respect to those who may be...I am encouraging you to take a look at these websiteshttp://swiss-quakers.ch/deutsch/projets_shalom.html and
 and the idea they have goin in the Oasis of Peace,then i want you to take this idea and remove the village thing from the equation...remove islam and judaism

and now mix a new setting pagans of all types,otherkin of all types,goths of all types,emos of all types,punkers of all types etc
What do you get? No not anarchy lol..You get the perfect Utopia....where everyone has a freedom to be who they are without having to fear to be arrested for wearing black,harrashed,abused,violated....yes you got the picture.......the ultimative Utopia has to be based on freedom and respect for others along with permission on private basis of others to feed ,have sex,love ,share with etc.
And therefore we do not support these 3 above mentioned religions as they have been known till now throughout history to manipulate and demand ppl to believe only in what they individually have to offer and if you dont you are doomed to go to hell...ex.theres no chance for a person bein moslem to follow the bible vice versa....
I stand up and claim i have a rite to take and use and pratice what i want ,when i want...as belief is as intimate and personal as sex.....
And i stand up and claim you have a rite to whtever kind of sex you like as long as you respect your partners and they agree...
I stand up and claim our freedom stop where we begin to hurt others...

The Christians ,The Moslems The Jewish have all taken part in making the Word Satanist into a sort of bad word or swearing,cursing,banning word..totally misunderstanding the personal freedom which they never personally tasted,nor the respect for the freedom of others ,look back on the crusades or the islamic wars....they have acused many in history of bein evil demons,witches,vampires and other,taken the rite to stake us,burn us,drown us,kill us in many horrible ways....
Today its worser than ever..terrorism,wars,locking people up as bein mad and indirect harrashments of persons,like when ppl are arrested for wearing black simply....
I claim again if we start counting us and them,then "them" are a minority controlling a majority...are we really gonna accept this fact and just live with it?

The Order of The Blood Dragon answer back with The Blood Dragons Temple...We go for Our Utopia....

We Live Amongst Death and Walk Dead Amongst the Líving.

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